Measuring Social Advertising Results in Your Passive Candidate Hiring

When building a social media campaign to distribute your job to a passive candidate audience, it is vital to know the areas that affect your results. It can be easy to run an ad or two, get dejected, and go back to a comfort zone.

Social Advertising

That is why we created this article to show the key areas that impact your results.

  1. Audience targeting. This includes location, job title, industry, interest, skill set, and seniority. Also, this gets even more complicated as layering in look-alike audiences based on proprietary datasets.
  2. Bidding. The choice of the amount you will spend per day when it will be spent, the maximum cost per click you’ll pay all impact your advertisement results.
  3. Creative. The ad is a critical component of a campaign. The image/video chosen and the copy used will all impact performance. Additional linking out to a landing page or job versus using a native form will also impact performance at the action level.
  4. Ad Objective. The ad objective causes an ad to perform differently for a respective audience. The social network will mainly use this setting behind the scene with its internal algorithms. 
  5. Placement. The option to place your ad on a desktop, mobile, tablet, and to place it in the news feed versus the marketplace are all variables in delivering performance. Complicating matters is if you choose options to allow the network to expand the placements on its own and use display/third party distribution.

Net-net the above will culminate in a conversion. A conversion in the case of recruitment would be completed applications. 

So now you can test all of the above while keeping an eye on your completed application metrics!