What is Project-Based RPO?

Is your company growing? Do you have hard-to-fill positions? Are you struggling to find qualified candidates? Look no more and say hello to Project-Based RPO. Project-Based Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a staffing tactic where companies transfer part of their recruiting process to an external recruiting partner. The external recruiting partner works as your own personal assistant to market your positions, screen resumes of potential hires, and weed out any unqualified candidates. This leaves you to select from pre-selected top qualified candidates that best match your company’s culture.

Using a Project-Based RPO company is a great starting point if you have never used an outsourcing recruiting team before. Instead of replacing your HR department, Project-Based RPO partners will work as an extension of your team to help fill those hard-to-fill roles. By using a combination of industry expertise, technology, and recruiting tactics, Project-Based RPO services give you everything you need to hire well-qualified candidates while cutting your time to fill in half. No more countless hours spent on job boards, reviewing resumes, and reference checking, you can now leave it up to professionals to handle. 

Another great feature Project-Based RPO services have to offer is that they are cost-efficient. Using an outside recruiting service allows you to focus on other high-priority initiatives, while industry hiring professionals take care of finding you the best fills for your open positions. The best news is you are in complete control of the level of service you receive, so you only pay for what you actually need. In addition, most Project-Based RPO companies’ costs are built into \one single cost, making it easier to create a budget for present and future hiring needs. 

Over the past 21+ years, JCSI has provided superior Project-Based RPO services to a wide variety of industries located all around the world. Our team is made up of dedicated staffing experts that specialize in recruiting, screening, and selecting the best-qualified candidates to meet the needs of your company With a proven track record of success, JCSI guarantees your managers at least 3 first-round interviews matching 100% of your requirements, giving you a slate of candidates to choose from. Feel confident knowing that you are using the right resources, to hire the right candidates, at the right time when choosing JCSI as your Project-Based RPO partner. Learn more about JCSI’s unique RPO services here.