What is Project-Based RPO?

Is your company growing? Do you have hard-to-fill positions? Are you struggling to find qualified candidates? Look no more and say hello to Project-Based RPO.

Project-Based Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a staffing tactic where companies transfer part of their recruiting process to an external recruiting partner. The external recruiting partner works as your own personal assistant to market your positions, screen resumes of potential hires, and weed out any unqualified candidates.

This leaves you to select from pre-selected top candidates that best match your company’s culture by improving your current project recruitment process.

How Does a Project-Based RPO Work?

Using an RPO company is a great starting point if you have never used an outsourcing recruiting team before to help with your hiring process.

Instead of replacing your HR department, your RPO partner will work as an extension of your existing team to help fill those hard-to-fill roles, by managing your total recruitment process.

By using a combination of industry expertise, technology, and recruiting tactics, RPO services give you everything you need to hire well-experienced candidates while cutting your time to fill in half.

No more countless hours spent on job boards, reviewing resumes, and reference checking, you can now leave it up to professionals to handle.

Why Should You Use Project-Based RPO?

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Cost Effective

Another great feature RPO services have to offer is that they are cost-efficient.

Using an outside recruiting service allows you to focus on other high-priority initiatives, while industry hiring professionals take care of finding you the best fills for your open positions.

The best news is you are in complete control of the level of service you receive, so you only pay for what you actually need.

In addition, most Project-Based RPO companies’ costs are built into one single cost, making it easier to create a budget for present and future hiring needs.

Top of the Line Candidates

As any Hiring Manager will tell you, finding the ideal candidate often seems like searching for a needle in a haystack.

RPO companies, such as JCSI have demonstrated success in finding top candidates in your field by using proven research tools and strategies.

The firm’s sourcing team is particularly skilled at passive candidate research and uses the latest online research tools, Meta search engines, industry associations, private databases, and a variety of social media outlets to identify top candidates.

Project-Based Structure

Agencies tend to work on a contingent basis and leave you in the dark while they work to fill your positions. However, by using a project-based structure, your RPO Provider will work alongside your Human Resources department by setting up a completely customizable project plan that is based on your needs in the time frame that works best for you.

Why JCSI is the Best Project-Based RPO Provider?

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Over the past 21+ years, JCSI has provided superior Project-Based RPO services to a wide variety of industries located all around the world. Our team is made up of dedicated staffing experts that specialize in recruiting, screening, and selecting the best-top candidates to meet the needs of your company.

At JCSI, we hold ourselves accountable to provide a superior recruitment process that results in top candidates who meet your requirements within the timelines we establish together. We pride ourselves on our ability to work seamlessly with your internal HR team, as a resource to use when tough positions pop up, or if you need ongoing support for your overall talent acquisition team.

What Process Does JCSI Follow?

Our model is based on four principals: Quality, Quantity, Guarantees, and Cost Savings.


Though our Sniper Approach that targets passive candidates directly from your local competitors.


Through our project management approach, we guarantee your hiring managers 3-4 interview-ready candidates that match 100% of your requirements. Which allows you to make a better decision when adding new employees to your team.

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We like to prove to our partners that we are determined to get the job done in the form of guarantees. These guarantees consist of a Two Week Guarantee, Guarantee Interview Deliverables, and Retention Guarantees.

Cost Savings

Our fixed fee model will save you anywhere between 40-80% over traditional options. Such as, recruiting agencies, temporary support, or other RPO solutions.


Feel confident knowing that you are using the right resources, to hire the right candidates, at the right time when choosing JCSI as your Project-Based RPO partner.

Learn more about JCSI’s unique RPO services here.