JCSI’s unique model

JCSI’s unique model allows us to successfully find and engage candidates across multiple industries as a seamless extension to your HR department. Our in-depth project management approach means we become intimately familiar with your company and leverage this knowledge to build relationships with top candidates in your industry.

Because we target performers working with your competition, we provide you with a superior, qualified slate of candidates specific to the needs of you and your role.

JCSI Finds and Attracts Top Performers

With two decades of recruitment success spanning multiple industries, JCSI has proven success at finding and attracting candidates who meet or exceed expectations.

Our knowledge of your industry and its talent, deep recruiting resources, and expertise at attracting passive candidates enables us to deliver qualified applicants where others struggle. In a candidate-driven market, JCSI is a recruiting partner who understands you and how to attract the talent you need to succeed.