Our Team are the Difference

At the end of the day, it is our people and team who make the real difference in the recruitment services we deliver.

Our business is connecting employers with the talented people they need. That happens through relationship building, strong partnerships, and a commitment to doing right by our clients and our candidates.

At JCSI, we take great pride in our decades of recruitment success, our innovative model and our proven process, but it is our team for which we are most proud. JCSI offers you a committed team of caring professionals with expertise and deep resources to give you the edge your hiring managers need to hire the best talent for your team.

Jim Sullivan Headshot

Founder & CEO

Jim Sullivan

Building on broad staffing experience in recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), agency, corporate, and contract recruiting, Jim founded JCSI in 1999 with a vision to do it better.

Under his leadership, JCSI developed its unique model that unites technology and proven processes with strong partnership and creative strategies to attract the best passive candidates for clients.

Caitlin Sarver Headshot

Caitlin Sarver

Executive Vice President

Since joining JCSI in 2006, Caitlin has been an integral piece in JCSI’s success.

Matt Bieber - CSI Recruitment

Matt Bieber


Matt joins the JCSI team with over 15 years of progressive experience,

George Hotter

Chief Operations Officer

George joins our JCSI team with over 20 years of leadership experience…

Liz Sullivan Headshot

Liz Sullivan

VP, Human Resources

Liz oversees human resource management activities such as employee compensation,

Kellie Rowell - JCSI

Kellie Rowell

VP, Customer Support

With a strong background in management, Kellie has held several leadership roles

Cheryl Trigo

Vice President, Sourcing & Project Implementation

As Vice President or Sourcing & Project Implementation, Cheryl identifies job requirements and

Meghan Hatin

Recruiting Manager

As Recruiting Manager for JCSI, Meghan supervises the recruiting team and

Bergin Sullivan

Manager, Operations & Analytics

As Manager, Operations & Analytics, Bergin works with the management team to implement …

The JCSI Team & Family

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