About JCSI Recruitment

For over 20 years, JCSI Recruitment has provided superior recruitment services with particular success at attracting passive candidates to our clients’ opportunities. Unlike traditional recruiting firms, JCSI targets passive candidates as part of its regular search process.

The firm has developed candidate-marketing strategies and tools to engage passive talent, which increases your talent pool and results in better applicants. With three separate, dedicated teams, JCSI’s unique approach to recruiting has proven successful over a wide variety of industries and roles.

Dedicated Teams Deliver Results at All Levels

BestExec, our Executive Search Team, manages director-level and above searches, working closely with your team to find leaders who match your competency and style requirements.

Under our services umbrella, the Professional Recruitment Team manages searches from entry-level salaried positions to middle-management roles, and spans all types of standard and niche positions.

JCSI’s Hourly Staffing Team is one of the only recruitment companies doing direct candidate sourcing for hourly roles. By using proven-effective sourcing and candidate marketing strategies tailored to your needs and the benefits of a career with your organization, JCSI gets more and better applicants into your pipeline.

RPO-Quantity Searches Increase Savings and Flexibility

Whether you need an entire team of Engineers for a large project, on the midst of a large sales expansion to support national growth, or in need of hiring a large quantity of hourly employees, JCSI’s RPO Team offers additional savings and flexibility while delivering top-quality talent. With JCSI as your RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) Partner, your recruitment needs are met with top hires and economies of scale savings—regardless of the role level or the industry.

Teamwork Enables Quicker Time to Fill

In addition to a uniquely customized approach, JCSI brings a cadre of professional individuals who connect you with top candidates in your industry. Our highly professional team and deep recruiting resources provide you with a trusted recruiting partner. At JCSI, your search is led by a Project Manager with a dedicated team and a clearly defined Project Plan.

The teamwork starts by developing strong partnerships with your hiring managers. JCSI works closely with your hiring team to define your ideal profile and set your delivery timeline. We have a strict project management approach that takes the guesswork out of time to fill and guarantees results within 4-10 weeks (depending on search level and complexity). JCSI provides weekly progress updates, reports, and consultation throughout the process. From initial benchmark review to final offer, JCSI offers a seamless extension of recruiting resources to your hiring team.

Targeted Strategy Provides an Edge

With your dedicated team and Project Plan defined, JCSI uses advanced tools and sourcing expertise to find highly qualified candidates who fit your profile. Using technology to assist in our 12-step candidate engagement model, our recruiting team reaches candidates in ways that get their attention and get them interested in your opportunity.

In today’s tough employment market, JCSI attracts passive candidates by focusing on the unique benefits of a career with your organization, using creative messaging, a multipronged process, and non-intrusive tools such as texting, podcasts and sell sheets. Our recruiters develop relationships with key people in your industry, so even the most complacent candidate is motivated to respond and learn more about your opportunity.