JCSI Edge for Hiring Your Best Professionals

Hiring highly qualified professionals are critical to your company’s continued success. To meet professional staffing demands in today’s market requires a recruiting partner who understands your needs, is able to find your top candidates, and attracts them for hiring to your opportunity. At JCSI, our unique recruiting model offers a “no stone unturned” approach that includes outreach to highly qualified passive candidates as part of every search.

With decades of success sourcing professional staff across multiple industries, JCSI starts by developing a strong partnership with your hiring team to make sure we get an accurate profile of the type of candidates you seek, not only to meet or exceed your competency requirements but people who fit your culture because the best hires result in long-lasting success for your organization.

Targeted Outreach Includes Passive Candidates

Using tailored research and deep-dive investigative skills, our dedicated sourcing team finds your ideal candidates whether they are actively looking or employed with your competition. JCSI’s candidate marketing team then uses customized messaging, specialized tools, and engagement strategies to attract top candidates to your opportunity. Each search is tailored to highlight the unique benefits of a career with your organization and geared to the interests of the candidates you seek.

JCSI’s dedicated recruiting team is highly educated about your opportunity, and part of our outreach process is to inform as well as attract candidates to a career with your organization. This approach delivers professional candidates who meet or exceed your requirements and are educated about your opportunity, so you have a selection of qualified professionals from which to make the best hire for your team.

High-Quantity Searches for Flexibility and Savings

Whether you are expanding your national sales team or need to hire multiple specialty engineers to support rapid growth, using JCSI as your resource for quantity hires offers additional benefits beyond one-off roles. As your partner for multiple searches, JCSI offers significant savings. In addition, JCSI’s multiple-search model gives you the flexibility to adjust projects as your staffing needs change while keeping your costs down. The result: A strong recruiting resource for better professional hires at significant savings.

Extend your resources and hire purposefully

JCSI builds strong relationships with your applicants and follows them through your process, scheduling the next steps, and helping you fill your roles efficiently. Your dedicated JCSI team supports all phases and is able to ramp up or down to meet your changing needs.

As a seamless extension of your team, JCSI works closely with your hiring managers, offering recruiting expertise on everything from job descriptions and interview techniques, to how to close the deal with passive candidates. JCSI provides you with the resources to support your hiring team through each step in the process, and you own all the candidate information we gather on your behalf.

Delivery and Retention Guaranteed

JCSI provides delivery, timeline, and retention guarantees to ensure your staffing needs are met with exceptional candidates when you need them. From project onset, we establish interview deliverables with set timelines, and we hold ourselves accountable to meet them. For more about our extensive guarantee offerings, check here.

“I have personally worked with JCSI for two decades and can attest to the professionalism, service orientation, effectiveness and integrity of the team. The success of our company is especially related to the quality of our employees. JCSI has been a significant contributor to Everest’s success and a trusted business partner.”

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