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Any Industry Can Benefit from JCSI’s Unique Model

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With two decades of success, JCSI’s unique recruitment model delivers results that span businesses and role levels—too many to list here! Contact us to start a conversation and learn how our customized approach to finding and attracting your top candidates will result in excellent hires for your team.

“I have personally worked with JCSI for two decades and can attest to the professionalism, service orientation, effectiveness and integrity of the team. The success of our company is especially related to the quality of our employees. JCSI has been a significant contributor to Everest’s success and a trusted business partner.”

Everest Insurance Group

“BestExec helped us secure a new senior executive for our Americas business. This was not an easy search, and their attention to detail and customer care were exemplary.  BestExec kept us updated and were resilient to our needs every step of the way.”

BMT Management Consulting

Staffing High Tech Jobs with Good People

JCSI started in 1999 with a focus on finding top talent for technology roles. Recruiters in this space needed to be tech savvy, able to develop relationships with candidates and understand an alphabet soup of role requirements. That focus has since expanded to telecommunications and green technology, but the tenets of success remain the same: Understand your ideal profile and skill requirements, know where to find those candidates, and get them interested in your opportunity through customized tools, strategies and a multi-prong outreach process.

Technology roles along with jobs in emerging Green Technology continue to be areas where JCSI’s unique recruitment brand has an enduring impact. Deep understanding of technology roles and the candidates continues to be an edge in an employee-driven market.

Common Technology & Telecommunications Titles

We have worked on such roles as Systems Manager, Sales Engineer, Salesforce Developer, AV Technician, Security Engineer, Quality Assurance Engineer, Test Technician, Tower Climber/Foreman, Industrial Assembler, various Sales roles, and many more.

Recent Technology & Telecommunications Placements

Various roles: Sales Directors, Industrial Assemblers, Warehouse, Cash & Accounting roles, Engineers, Benefits Administrators, Purchasing Associates, Executive and Administrative Assistants, Installers, Tower Climbers/Foreman

CB Technologies
Director of Sales (Executive Fill)

Various roles: Strategic Sourcing Manager, Strategic Data Manager, IT Director, Operations Coordinator, Digital Learning Manager, Program Manager

Software Solutions
Digital Learning Representative

“One of the things I so enjoy about working with JCSI is their data-driven approach to HR. There is as much science as art, and JCSI does a great job of helping us identify, track and measure the right variables.”


“JCSI’s business model gives them a unique competitive advantage when compared to traditional recruitment firms. I was able to expand my existing recruitment team and manage the talent acquisition process in a manner that was indistinguishable to my candidate base and hiring managers.”

NMC Technologies