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JCSI helps you find the most qualified candidates at a 60-80% lower cost per hire. Allowing you to hire the best fit for the job, not just the best available through job postings.



JCSI Recognized as one of the Top 10 Project RPO Providers of 2021!


JCSI Recognized as the Best Passive Candidate Recruitment Firm 2022!

JCSI Recognized as a Top 100 Workplace for Diversity & Inclusion

Sometimes it is Easier to Explain What You Are Not.

We Are Not a Job Board

Our targeted passive candidate approach provides you a full slate of qualified candidates allowing you to hire the best fit not just settling for who is available.

We Are Not An Agency or Headhunter

Our Fixed Fee model delivers higher quality candidate submissions for 30-80% less than traditional recruitment methods.

We Are Not a Software

Our team utilizes the cutting-edge solutions available in the market and we have made significant investment into these tools so you don’t have to.

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JCSI is your go-to Project RPO for when you need recruitment process outsourcing for specific projects and initiatives.

JCSI is a project recruitment process outsourcing firm that uses battle-tested passive recruiting and candidate research methods to help company HR/talent teams like yours make better hires at a price you can afford.

For over 20 years, JCSI has provided superior project recruitment services with particular success at attracting passive candidates to our clients’ opportunities. Unlike traditional recruiting firms, JCSI targets passive candidates as part of its regular search process.

JCSI’s unique approach to recruiting has proven successful over a wide variety of industries and roles.

Deep Domain Expertise Across Many Industries

No matter the role level or industry, our unique process delivers top candidates to your team. JCSI’s recruiting experience spans a wide variety of industries, and our expertise is strongest with the below industries.

JCSI has helped 1571+ companies make better hires (and can’t wait to help you too).

Unlike Most Recruitment Firms, We Assure Our Work With These Guarantees