Innovative Recruiting Results in Better Hires, Quicker with JCSI Process

Through decades of recruiting accomplishments, JCSI developed an innovative process that is very successful at finding and attracting high-quality candidates. Each search is tailored to find candidates who meet your requirements and attract them to your opportunity. This innovative recruitment model results in better hires, quicker and at less cost than traditional recruiting firms. Better hires means lasting talent, which drives your organization’s continued success.

Discover Your Ideal Profile

Our process starts with the Discovery Phase, which includes a thorough implementation meeting where we do a deep dive on the requirements and preferred skills for the role, including specific competencies, experience and education.

We also learn more about your company, the overall structure of the organization, management style, and culture. From the Discovery Phase, we begin the Benchmark Process where we identify real profiles to share with your team to make sure we are on track to identify those candidates who best match your ideal profile.

Find Your Best Candidates

As any Hiring Manager will tell you, finding the ideal candidate often seems like searching for a needle in a haystack. JCSI has demonstrated success finding top candidates in your field by using proven research tools and strategies. The firm’s sourcing team is particularly skilled at passive candidate research and matching your ideal profile with real candidates.

Your dedicated JCSI sourcing team uses the latest online research tools, Meta search engines, industry associations, private databases and a variety of social media outlets to identify top candidates. In addition to combining technology and strategies toward specific industries and job titles, JCSI uses targeted competitor research to find companies employing the talent best-suited to your opportunity. Our specialty is identifying candidates who meet your needs based on a deep understanding of your requirements. With JCSI, your ideal candidate just got a lot closer.

Creative Marketing Attracts Top Talent in the process

Finding the ideal candidate with updated contact information is just one piece of the challenge in today’s candidate-driven market. The key to driving more interviews with top-notch talent is by understanding passive candidates, how they prefer to communicate, and what motivates them to connect with us. Based on our targeted approach, which we customize to your company and the role, we create candidate marketing campaigns that drive home the benefits of a career with your firm. The campaign’s effectiveness enables our Recruiters to develop relationships with top people in your industry, so even the most complacent candidate is motivated to respond.

Along with this successful approach, JCSI offers tools using new media to further engage passive candidates in ways that are non-intrusive, personal, and unique, such as podcasts, texts, webinars, sell sheets and videos. Our 12-step candidate marketing campaigns include creative messaging tailored to the role and the unique benefits of a career with your organization. The result: Candidates who are interested and informed about your opportunity before you even speak with them.

Qualified Slate Enables Options

For each search, we guarantee a slate of interview-ready, prescreened candidates who meet your requirements. These candidates are well-informed about your opportunity and have been fully vetted by our recruiting team. By providing you with a slate of 3-4 qualified candidates who meet 100% of your position requirements on every search, we enable you to hire the best candidate for the job as opposed to the best available.

In today’s candidate-driven market, successful recruiting is like sales. It requires persistent outreach and spot-on messaging. At JCSI, our Candidate Marketing Department tailors the messaging to your opportunity and uses the latest technology to deliver it. Our Recruiters follow a 9-12 step process using the various means of communication popular today, such as texts, emails, in-mails, voice messages, calls, podcasts and sell sheets. In the process of outreach, our Recruiters build relationships with top candidates while informing them about the unique benefits of a career with your organization.

Vetting Process for Your Top Candidates

Once we find and attract A-level candidates to your opportunity, our Recruiters conduct a thorough phone screen, asking your knockout and nice-to-have questions. As your recruiting partner, JCSI fully understands your expectations and preferences, and works diligently to ensure our candidates meet all your requirements.

Unlike traditional firms, JCSI doesn’t simply send over resumes–our candidates are highly qualified, fully vetted, interested and well-informed about your opportunity.

Scheduling Your Interviews

Vetted candidates are presented to your hiring team, and you select those you want to move forward in the process. We schedule first-round phone interviews with the selected candidates at your convenience, and coordinate details and all necessary follow up with your applicants.

JCSI’s commitment to your scheduling and candidate follow up makes a real difference to your team and your applicants. It not only provides candidates with a positive and timely experience with your firm, but it also results in higher occurred interview rates, an especially important factor for high-quantity, hourly hires.

In all searches, JCSI guarantees a slate of qualified candidates (typically 3-4), so you choose the best hire from a cadre of qualified applicants.

Quick Time to Fill

From the start, JCSI’s innovative model results in better hires more quickly. First, by finding, attracting, and vetting better candidates; then by providing your team with the scheduling support and candidate follow-through needed to move forward at each phase of your process. From benchmark, to offer, JCSI supports your hiring team and stays connected to applicants on your behalf. The result: lasting, high-quality hires quickly.

Transparency at All Phases of the process

As a seamless extension to your hiring team, JCSI provides you with all the reporting, analytics and candidate data you need to see the progress being made on your search at any given time in the project.

With your own dedicated Client Portal into our system, you have immediate access to every stage of the recruitment funnel, including: data on candidates we have sourced on your behalf; where they stand in the process; details from screening documents; reasons why candidates have been disqualified; and much more. Full transparency at all phases gives you the information to make the best hires or make adjustments if needed.