30 Entrepreneurs Share Their Thoughts on The Future Impact of Coworking

Recently, we are noticing an uptick in companies using co-working as their new norm, rather than the traditional in-office structure. Co-working is classified as the process in which multiple companies all share one office space to save on the cost of office space, the number of office materials needed, and also as a form of networking.

CBNATION interviewed 30 entrepreneurs on their thoughts on the future impact of co-working in the business world. Check out number 13, which features our CEO, Jim Sullivan, on what he has to say about how having less energy exerted when combining space “has a better chance of decreasing a business’s carbon footprint.”

Click here to see the full interview: https://rescue.ceoblognation.com/2022/07/01/30-entrepreneurs-share-their-thought-on-the-future-impact-of-co-working/