What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing? And Why You Should Know.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing providers differentiate from contingency/agency models by offering external services without taking full ownership of the process. The point of an RPO is to serve as an external service that takes partial control of the recruitment process. This idea originated from traditional models and has been altered in [...]


Phone Interviews in Recruiting

Whether it's on the phone or face-to-face, interviews are vital for determining the best hire for your team. As more companies reserve the time and expense of on-site interviews for later in the hiring process, it helps to understand the distinct role a phone interview plays. Learn how to leverage your phone and f2f interviews for a more efficient and effective discovery process--resulting in significant time and resource savings for your team and your candidates.


Hiring a Sales Star in Talent Acquisition

Much has been written about the characteristics of highly successful salespeople and no wonder: Skilled sales talent is fundamental to an organization’s ability to thrive. For those of us who make a living in talent acquisition, hiring a sales star is a major accomplishment although sometimes it can feel like sorting through a complex puzzle.


Successful Hiring Managers in Talent Acquisition

Through decades of success in talent acquisition, JCSI has worked with all types of hiring managers on positions spanning industries and levels. Through the years, we’ve developed amazing partnerships with hiring managers, and today, we’re highlighting their best practices. Use these seven habits consistently, and you will see improved results in meeting your staffing needs.


Digging Into Candidate Questions As A Hiring Manager

If you’re like most hiring managers, you ask questions to gain insight about candidates. But what about questions candidates ask you? What clues do they offer about the candidate’s work ethic, personality, and communication style, and how do those clues help you make the best hiring decisions for your team?


Assessing Job Stability with Job Hoppers

Hiring managers assess applicants on multiple levels, but today’s workforce does not share the same longevity gene as its predecessors according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Like most aspects of assessing humans, there are multiple factors at play. Job movement must be considered and addressed, not necessarily for dismissing candidacy outright, but definitely worthy of further investigation.

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