Four Core Competencies to Look for in A Recruiter

Recruiters are critical to the growth and longevity of an organization. They control the flow of new prospects for a company’s employee pool. And we all know the employees are the driver of business growth (the right people matter!).

Recruiter at JCSI

So when hiring for a recruiter, it is essential to look for a couple of key traits.

  1. Results-orientation. The ability to attract the best and achieve results under challenging circumstances.
  2. Resourceful. The ability to get the most out of limited resources or prospects.
  3. Organized. Can plan and prioritize a workday across a slate of roles effectively and consistently.
  4. Persuasive. Ability to win support and buy-in from external and internal parties.

As a bonus, here are four behaviors to watch out for!

  1. Inability to cope with change.
  2. Can only make decisions with all the data.
  3. Reactive
  4. Uncomfortable with things being “up in the air.”

With these in mind, you are well on your way to hiring a capable recruiter for your team