Curation Foods’ Journey with JCSI

Curation Foods, Inc., the natural foods division of Landec Corporation (formerly Apio), is an innovative natural foods company with five successful brands. As a leader in the high-growth natural-foods industry, Curation needed talent across all functions of the organization. The local talent market for many of their uniquely complex roles was slim, and Curation had limited internal bandwidth for recruiting. They required a recruiting partner with deep resources, broad expertise, and success at passive candidate outreach. In addition, Curation sought a recruiting partner committed to understanding their culture and collaborating with their hiring managers to streamline processes and deliver top candidates over the long-term. They chose JCSI/BestExec several years ago, and the partnership continues to provide high-quality talent for challenging roles. Curation has also been able to take advantage of special pricing due to discounts for multiple searches.


  • Hired:  Product Development Managers—One role required 10+ years of experience in new product development for formulated foods to support a new line of natural, innovative products.
  • Hired: Plant Manager—Requirements included experience in start-up operations and 7+ years of experience in process manufacturing to manage brand new facility.
  • Low Cost per Hire: Plant Manager—9% Cost Per Hire; Product Development Managers— 12% Cost Per Hire.

Valuable Recruiting Expertise

“JCSI became an extension of our internal team. I really leaned on them for their expertise in hiring across a broad spectrum of roles and for knowing us well enough to understand the type of candidates we wanted, as well as our unique market challenges.”

Exceptional Vetting Process

“With JCSI, they weren’t just trying to sell us resumes. They would truly vet the candidates, and if there were red flags, they shared those with our hiring managers—the team was ethical and collaborative.”

Great Communication

“JCSI invests in a level of communication we haven’t seen with other recruiters. Their weekly calls are well-run, organized, and efficient. They help hold our hiring managers accountable to provide feedback, so we’re not only more effective, but candidates in play are updated more quickly for a better candidate experience.”

Positive Candidate Experience

“JCSI does a good job of protecting our employer brand and providing candidates with a positive experience. We got really positive vibes from candidates about their experiences—even those who weren’t a fit. ”