Guardian Fills Manufacturing Roles with High-Quality Hires

Guardian Glass is a leading manufacturer of glass products. Due to high growth and a tight labor market, Guardian’s manufacturing plants had a backlog of hourly positions to fill with limited applicants. JCSI partnered with Guardian Hiring Managers at seven different plants across the U.S. to strategically find and attract high-quality candidates. Using its unique recruiting model, JCSI identified qualified candidates, created customized messaging and tools to highlight the benefits of a Guardian career, and conducted extensive outreach. The focus on finding and attracting candidates beyond job boards increased the interview pool, which enabled Guardian to make hundreds of quality hires for its hourly manufacturing roles. To date, JCSI has filled more than 400 Guardian roles including production operators, technicians, maintenance staff, and supervisors. Also, by managing applicants from initial outreach to the offer stage, JCSI relieved Guardian HR of time-consuming process steps such as scheduling and candidate follow up. The success of the partnership led to a new, annual contract for JCSI to provide recruiting support for an additional 1,000 openings.


  • Top Candidates for Hourly Roles:  Strategic sourcing and creative outreach increased Guardian’s talent pool in a tight labor market.
  • Reduce Costs:  More than 300 Production Operators hired at a Cost Per Hire of less than 5%
  • Flexibility and Scalability: With a week’s notice, JCSI can ramp up or down and adjust searches for hourly or leadership roles as staffing needs change.

Unique Model Delivers

“JCSI offers a unique plug-and-play model that drives a specified number of interviews for each plant each week, which enables us to hit our staffing numbers.”

Exceeds Expectations

“JCSI exceeds expectations in a lot of ways, but especially in the strength of the partnership between our hiring managers and their team.”

Outstanding Job

“JCSI has done an outstanding job. Through their ability to provide us with quality applicants and manage the process, HR has been able to focus more of its time on creating value for our employees and business.”

Finding and Attracting Top Candidates Increases Talent Pool

“While other RPO firms may rely on job postings for hourly roles, JCSI increased our talent pool by finding and attracting top candidates to our opportunities.”

Impressed with Candidate Quality

“Our hiring managers were impressed by the high-quality of candidates JCSI sent us—especially those with the supply-chain experience we required.”

Seamless Communication

“Working with JCSI has enabled us to keep up with our recruitment needs, and communication has been seamless.”

JCSI Understands Manufacturing

“JCSI understands recruiting for manufacturing roles. Whether we’re looking for hourly employees, supervisors or engineers, their commitment to finding the right candidates results in quality hires.”