JCSI Supports Hiring Managers for Fast Growth

An innovative, global telecommunications firm and one of the largest private companies in Indiana, Telamon was growing rapidly and had only one person responsible for all aspects of recruiting. Without a centralized system or processes in place to support Telamon’s hiring managers, many were trying to fill roles on their own or through outside agencies with limited success.

Telamon needed a recruiting solution fast, and after doing cost analysis and exploring outsourcing options, they selected JCSI as an RPO with experience, knowledge of the roles and the telecom industry, and a record of success in providing value-added consultation, process improvements, and strong partnership with hiring managers.

As a committed recruiting partner with extensive resources and industry knowledge, JCSI helped Telamon develop a solid recruiting system and trained its hiring managers in customized areas such as interviewing passive candidates. Today, Telamon is able to keep up with staffing needs, its hiring managers are well supported with a recruiting partner that provides high-quality candidates, and they have a centralized process that continues to deliver and improve.


  • Improved Time to Fill:  Cut TTF by 60% (based on estimated prior timelines)
  • Reduced Turnover: Retention of corporate hires improved 50% from the prior year
  • Strong Recruiting Process: New system fills roles and offers a better experience for candidates and hiring managers


“With JCSI, there is a lot of transparency and really good communication. Weekly meetings enable us to address any challenges that come up. JCSI doesn’t let a search go on if they feel it’s not going to work, and I really appreciate that.”

Exceed Expectations

“JCSI mostly exceeds my expectations with the process and candidate flow. They definitely offer a strong partnership and have good relationships with our hiring managers. JCSI is truly part of the Telamon team.”

Committed Partner

“JCSI deeply understands our business and talent needs, and part of that challenge is determining when a passive search is required. Perhaps the right people aren’t applying. JCSI figures out where to find the candidates and then sets a reasonable expectation in terms of timeline.”

Absolutely Recommend JCSI

“I recommend JCSI to other companies because they have a lot of great people, great communication, and strong recruiting processes. They do a good job of qualifying candidates and getting qualified people to the table.”

Part of Our Team

“With JCSI, we are all on the same team. They are out for our best interest and that brings great peace of mind.”