Partnership Results in High-Quality Hires, Quick Fill, and Cost Savings

A leading Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) providing services to thousands of hospitals and healthcare providers, Yankee Alliance had multiple roles they couldn’t fill because they weren’t getting the high caliber of candidates they required for these key positions.

Yankee Alliance joined forces with JCSI for its expertise in connecting with high-quality, passive candidates and its success with difficult-to-fill, critical roles. From the beginning, the partnership proved promising. Since then (see results below), JCSI has become Yankee’s recommended Recruiting Partner of Choice for its healthcare members.


  • Excellent Candidates:  With high-quality applicants, Yankee Alliance filled three roles quickly.
  • Cost Savings: In addition to excellent candidates, the overall cost per hire was 10 percent–significant savings compared to typical agency and contingency fees.
  • Strong Partner: As an extension of Yankee’s internal recruiting team, JCSI found candidates who met their requirements and were well suited for the roles.

Cost-Effective Partners

“We did not have time to go after passive candidates. We knew we didn’t have the internal resources to devote to finding those candidates. JCSI was able to find and engage high-quality, passive candidates for us at about half the cost we would have spent with other recruiting companies.”

High-Quality Hires Critical

“At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how cost-effective you are if you don’t get a hire. JCSI’s most important contribution was the high-quality hires we got for very important roles within the company.”

Exceeded Expectations

“JCSI exceeded our expectations with the outstanding integrity of its team. I love the way the company wraps up a search–even if we’ve stopped it for whatever reason; they continue to send us follow-on applicants–doing the right thing for the candidate and the client.”

Proven Methodology

“The biggest challenge is for recruiters to truly understand your roles. JCSI has a methodology that will work for any role. Their focus guaranteed work and the type of intelligence they gather is invaluable, such as reporting reasons why a candidate wasn’t interested–whether it was because of salary, geography, or career trajectory. We only ever got that information anecdotally, if at all, from contingency recruiters.”

The JCSI Difference

“We were posting jobs, working with contingency agencies, and not getting quality candidates for our most-difficult roles. With contingency recruiters, it’s difficult to keep their focus. JCSI is our go-to recruiting resource because of the value, yes, but mostly it’s about their success in getting us high-quality hires.”