Excellent Hires for Niche Leadership Roles

CIRCOR International is a publicly-traded company specializing in highly engineered, complex products and sub-systems for energy, aerospace, and industrial markets. As its global infrastructure evolved, the firm needed to fill new leadership roles requiring talent with niche skills and technical competencies. Without its own team to conduct these critical, highly customized executive searches, Circor partnered with BestExec for its success at finding and attracting top passive candidates, as well as its expertise in filling challenging leadership roles. BestExec provided valuable consultative services and managed the entire process and steps for the searches, enabling Circor leaders to remain productive while making excellent executive hires!.

  • Hired:  Director of Sales Effectiveness New role to build consistent, worldwide sales organization, promote cultural change across the team and develop efficient processes and procedures.
  • Hired: Director of Business Development Technical leadership role to build newly created division, as well as lead acquisitions and organic growth efforts in IoT at publicly-traded companies.
  • Save Time/Cost: BestExec manages searches to fill roles at a Cost per Hire of 13 percent.

Better than Other Recruiting Options

“BestExec goes deeper than traditional firms—they get behind the scenes to understand our culture and exactly what skill sets we need. They calibrate the candidate pool with our hiring team and provide us with real candidates to hone in on exactly we need.”

Excellent Candidates

“Even the candidates we ruled out were of high quality. We had a good slate of candidates and a strong level of trust with BestExec. They understood our culture and requirements and did a great job vetting candidates. If a candidate got to my level, we knew there was a valid reason—even those outside the box.”

Great Value

“With BestExec, the rigor and level of involvement with our hiring managers felt like a retained search, but at a fraction of the cost. They brought huge value and became a cost-effective, trusted resource.”

Strong Consultative Partner

“BestExec did a lot of research and calibrated a large candidate pool with our hiring team. They shared market knowledge with our hiring managers, so we could bridge the gap for top candidates. ”