5 Steps to Getting Your Money’s Worth from a Job Posting

In this article, we show you how to get the most qualified applicants for your job post. Our five steps are geared toward writing a material job advertisement (though only subtly) different from a job description.

A job advertisement summarizes the key benefits that a candidate can expect from the role, along with a high-level overview of the job. At the same time, a job description is a collection of knowledge, skills, responsibilities, etc., that a candidate is required to have. An advertisement mentality will enable you to receive many, many more candidates than otherwise.

With this in mind, now to the five steps to get your money’s worth.

  1. Choose the right title for your open role
  2. Write a paragraph that tells the candidate what is in it for them
  3. Post your listing on a paid job board or with social media targeting that is relevant to your job
  4. Post your job on the free boards
  5. Add additional candidate attraction methods and direct interested candidates to apply to your job to lower your cost per applicant

Now you’re ready to publish your jobs and let the applications roll in!