A Guide to Recruitment Marketing

This guide will explain what recruitment marketing is and why it is a crucial recruitment area.

The first thing is first, what is recruitment marketing?

Recruitment marketing uses marketing strategies to promote a job advertisement on behalf of an employer.

In today’s talent market, recruiting requires smarter, more competitive strategies than ever before. The most progressive successful talent acquisition leaders leverage best practices from marketing and sales and apply them to recruitment. Which means…

  • Promoting jobs to passive candidates through social media channels
  • Delivering a modern candidate experience
  • Presenting a cohesive employer brand
  • Analyzing the right data that tells just how effective and efficient the organization’s recruitment efforts are at any one time

So what does this all mean? It means that recruitment leaders need to know how to tell the employer’s story and present it to make them visualize themselves working at the company in a specific job. This will lead to the self-selection of candidates that mirror the brand (the same way consumerism works!).

What is the difference between Recruiting and Recruitment Marketing?

Recruitment marketing augments recruiting. It is not so much about the difference, but more about the complement. It makes recruiting job easier by generating more qualified applicants for open positions, which leads to jobs being filled faster, with less cost per hire.

Most importantly, it captures candidates’ attention and develops overflowing passive talent pipelines.

The old way of transactional recruitment is gone. Today’s candidates require something new, much more akin to the consumer experience they share with brands during personal consumption.