14 Hiring Pros Tell Us Their Secret to Writing Winning Job Descriptions

” Responsibilities, qualifications, experience, culture, salary — there are many different elements hiring professionals like to focus on when it comes to job descriptions. What this tells us is that you have to decide for yourself what features are most important for specific roles as well as for your organization as a whole, and create your job description to highlight those.”

Hume.com recently published an interview where they talked with 14 Hiring Pros on their secrets to writing winning job descriptions. In this article, these business leaders share why they believe it is important to have a great job description, the best formatting to follow, and what to include to make sure you are attracting top-tier talent.

Check out this article that features our CEO, Jim Sullivan, on what he has to say about keeping things “short and sweet” to keep candidates engaged and interested in your job postings. 

Click here to see the full interview: https://www.gethume.com/blog/secrets-to-writing-job-descriptions