JCSI featured in FairyGodBoss article

FairyGodBoss circulated 10 things that candidates do that make hiring professionals immediately want to hire them, according to the professionals themselves.

Connect the Dots

JCSI CEO“Something that instantly grabs my attention – when I’m viewing a cover letter, resume or actually speaking to a candidate – is their ability to connect their past success directly to the job they are applying for. Recruiters and hiring managers are always searching for some certainty when looking at candidates and seeing some sort of relatable success is a big factor for me. A candidate being able to see the comparison between their past work and the position they are applying for is a critical thinking skill that really stands out. And also, the fact that they have had relatable success in the past makes me think they will be able to jump into things faster than someone who has less relatable experience.”

– Jim Sullivan, CEO of JCSI.

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