Talent Chronicles with Timothy Visconti

In this exciting episode of Talent Chronicles, we have Timothy Visconti, founder of PeopleLift joining us for a conversation about creating a positive candidate and client experience in recruiting. Visconti takes a deep dive into what automated technologies can be used to amplify the process while keeping the human in human resources. [...]


Talent Chronicles with Jonathan Meyrowitz

Jonathan Meyrowitz joins us for this interview, diving into his experiences that lead him to Talent Acquisition leading up most recently to his Global Head of Talent Acquisition role at Forever 21. Jonathan discusses multiple automation technologies and dives into his take on the future of Talent Acquisition. 


Talent Chronicles with Brandon McTavish

In this episode of Talent Chronicles, Brandon McTavish joins us to discuss his global experience in Talent Acquisition as well as strategies and insights on how to effectively hire and lead within TA. Brandon has worked with companies such as Rosetta Stone and Ernst & Young, and has learned about corporate branding [...]