Why to Consider a Recruitment Process Outsourcing Company for Your Hiring

The RPO market has grown substantially over the past five years. Extending from a sub $1 billion calls to upwards of $10 billion. RPO recruitment is no longer just a solution for the Fortune 1000, but for all companies that need to institutionalize their hiring better.

So why consider an RPO?

  1. Access to better technology. The rise of new technologies is happening at such a rapid rate. Firms can no longer keep up on their own with each innovation. Companies need aid to implement and utilize best practices.
  2. Better candidate experience. Companies are scrambling to keep up with the candidate’s desires. Organizations need a sustainable solution to managing the candidate experience. This comes in the way of an extension of their HR staff to handle more.
  3. Increased agility/flexibility of internal teams. Offloading specific roles or functions to a partner firm frees up an internal team to focus on where they are most effective.
  4. Cost reduction of recruitment agencies. RPO’s are much more cost-effective (and scalable) than recruitment agencies.
  5. Higher top-line growth. For companies where talent aligns directly to revenue, an RPO is a critical capability that provides a recruitment process that drives revenue.

Each of the above is the reason that drives candidates to choose RPO’s. Many RPO’s also includes several other tangential benefits that their clients benefit from, including:

  • Employer branding
  • Passive candidate engagement approach that can be replicated
  • Personalized application and hiring process

The number one value of an RPO is creating long-term solutions for clients’ talent acquisition. RPO’s are differentiated by technology orientation, geographic focus, consulting capabilities, workforce planning, and total talent acquisition capabilities.

In summary, RPO’s are a complicated business model because they have to manage, measure, track, and support multiple customers across multiple industries and serve these clients at custom service levels. RPO’s also have to find creative ways to attract talent for their clients continually. 

As RPO’s are strategic business partners, they need to find new and innovative ways to bring value to their client’s hiring functions.