What is AI Recruiting? And is it Practical?

AI recruiting refers to technology that uses artificial intelligence to automate the recruitment process. 

Artificial intelligence technology can refer to solutions like applicant tracking systems, chatbots, phone and video screening software, assessments, etc. The type of AI used in each case would refer to a function or use case within the software, such as a video interviewing solution that uses AI to make personality assessments.

When you see the words AI and recruitment, it is essential to remember that each use case is different. However, many of these use cases use similar libraries from large scale AI projects like those released by IBM Watson, OPT-3 by Google, Dialogue Flow/Autopilot by Google and Twilio, etc. Very few companies have the data required to create and train usable AI. The players in the most optimal position are the large players (think Apple, Amazon, Spotify, etc.), basically firms with millions of things going on per day.

So, when looking at a solution, it is a good idea to precisely understand the use case you need for the problem you have at hand. Like do you have too many candidates and not enough recruiters? Then using AI for pre-screening may be a use case you would explore.

So the real question is, is this practical? Our belief is yes, but with a very defined scope.