The Five KPI’s to Use to Evaluate Your Recruitment Team

While selection and hiring can be artistic in how results are achieved, the KPI’s to manage the function are crystal clear. We’ve listed the five KPI’s for recruitment that we find most beneficial to work for your internal recruitment team by:

  1. Average Time to Fill. What is the time to accept the offer?
  2. Offer Acceptance Rate. How many of the offers extended lead to acceptance?
  3. Agency Utilization Rate. How much of your candidate production comes from the agency?
  4. Average Time to Source. How quickly are talent pipelines sourced?
  5. Retention Rates. How long do you retain your hires?

Managing these will lead to an efficient organization, but most importantly (we believe) is the overarching theme of candidate experience. By taking the time to make sure the candidate experience across the recruitment continuum is optimized, the whole system takes on a more human process. And what ends up happening with a rigorous focus on candidate experience is quality goes up, and metrics improve.

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