Ten Tips for Writing a Great Job Title

A job title is the critical component of your job listing as this will be what a job network promotes to its audience of candidates!

Writing a Job Title

So it is critical to make sure your job title is optimized to get you in front of the right candidates and entice them to click into the job listing. Here are three tips that JCSI has found to work well!

  1. Keep it short and sweet. Job titles with two to three words perform better than long ones.
  2. Avoid internal titles or jargon that is not universally understood.
  3. Remove any special characters from the job title.
  4. Do not use all caps.
  5. Do not use the job location in the job title.
  6. Capitalize the first letter of each word in the job title.
  7. Use the abbreviation of the job title and the full job title.
  8. Arrange the words, so they flow logically.
  9. Do not include benefits or requirements in the job title.
  10. Use a job title that the candidate is most likely to search for.

Now you are ready to create a high interest generating job title the gets the right candidates to click into your job ad!.