Recruitment Advertising Technology Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions that we often run into!

  • What is XML? 
      1. XML is an extensible markup language. It is a file format used by systems to quickly transit job and candidate data in a structured data form that can be read uniformly by third-party networks.
  • What is an API? 
      1. An API is an application programming interface. This is a common way that systems talk to each other and exchange data. It provides the ability for real-time or near-real-time data exchange,
  • What is a job scraping? 
      1. Job scraping happens by automating development scripts that can be written in various languages from Python to Java. These scripts automatically read job listings on an employer careers page and then input this data directly into a designated system. This is used when XML or API’s are not available.
  • What are pixels? 
      1. Pixels are web trackers that track activities on an internet page. These also track specific activities such as button clicking, form filling, or applications, etc. These pixels are mostly used to track the performance of advertising spend.
  • What is a conversion window? 
    1. A conversion window is a time between a candidate visiting your job on your website and completing a job application. Once a candidate interacts with a job, a pixel opens a conversion window where the candidate gets source attribution. This allows for organic traffic (candidates that come back to a job) to not be falsely associated as the source of success.