Through decades of success in talent acquisition, JCSI has worked with all types of hiring managers on positions spanning industries and levels. Through the years, we’ve developed amazing partnerships with hiring managers, and today, we’re highlighting their best practices. Use these seven habits consistently, and you will see improved results in meeting your staffing needs.

  1. Visionary—Successful hiring managers know exactly what they seek in a candidate; they understand the role, the skills required, and the personality that will best fit their team.
  2. Articulate—Successful managers are good communicators, able to express their vision for the role, expectations for the team, and the benefits of the opportunity.
  3. Decisive—Successful managers drive the process with defined timelines, planning, and preparation, and they make decisions based on good knowledge that leads to low-risk action.
  4. Flexible—Successful hiring managers know real people are behind their ideal benchmarks; they stay open-minded to expectation adjustments, knowing what to prioritize and what to leave behind.
  5. Committed—Successful managers are committed to getting the hire, which means they make the time, engage and hold all stakeholders accountable, and follow through at all stages of the process.
  6. Positive—Successful hiring managers know how to be a champion for their organization and their roles. Rather than ask “why are you interested in this position,” show them why they should be.
  7. Interpersonal—Successful hiring managers are perceptive at assessing candidates’ abilities, able to build consensus, and keep their team on task.

At JCSI, our partnership with you is the foundation of our ability to find you better candidates, faster, and at lower cost—typically saving our clients 30-50% compared to standard staffing agencies. Partnership involves collaboration, and JCSI prides itself in helping to implement these habits with our clients whether this is their first time hiring or they are 20-year veterans. For more about our unique recruiting and talent acquisition services, contact us at