It may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many Hiring Managers don’t accentuate the positive when speaking with candidates about their job openings. Especially with passive candidates, the interview is as much about selling applicants on the benefits of your opportunity as it is about learning whether their skills, competencies, and personality will fit your team. As Talent Acquisition Leaders, you select who best meets your staffing needs and you want your offer accepted. As part of your screen-sales pitch, focus on these four areas and you will be more likely to get the answer you seek:

HIGHLIGHT the BENEFITS of a career with your company in those areas that concern candidates, such as:

  1. The Company—What makes your organization great, your people proud, and your employees happy to come to work? Can you speak to the company’s stability, market share, and/or plans for expansion?
  2. The Role—Why is this a fantastic opportunity? What factors make the position challenging, fulfilling, and meaningful? Include key positive aspects of the role–from being a valued contributor to working with a great team, having access to state-of-the-art facilities, or advancing emerging technologies.
  3. Growth Potential—Whether it is career advancement, learning opportunities, increased earnings, or the ability to be part of a new product, team or venture, people want to be involved and moving in a positive direction. Include factors that illustrate how your opportunity enables candidates to progress professionally.
  4. Market Your Message—Once you determine the key benefits of your opportunity, another aspect to consider is the right medium to express it. At JCSI, we work closely with you to develop candidate marketing tools that present the role and your company’s culture, vision, and opportunity in a way that attracts the type of candidates you seek. From editing job descriptions to building podcasts and creating webinars, JCSI helps you frame the message in the appropriate medium to present your company in a positive, enthusiastic light.

By including the value propositions of your opportunity as a focus of your search process, you attract the highest-caliber candidates and reinforce your brand. This enhances your ability to hire and retain top talent in a competitive market. As an added benefit, taking the time to craft your search this way also results in renewed interest in the role internally since positivity and enthusiasm are contagious!