Recruitment Services

RPO Recruitment Services Industry Definitions

RPO – Recruitment Process Outsourcing: The transfer of all or part of the permeant placement process to a third-party vendor.

Project-based RPO: Include managing a component of the hiring process for this specific role or initiative.

Recruiter On-demand: The temporary staffing of recruiters for your organization.

Full-Service RPO: An end-to-end solution designed for covering all aspects of the companies recruiting process.

Hybrid Full-Service RPO: Taking over the responsibility and sourcing to offer extension/hiring for your organization’s permanent placements.

Onsite: Services delivered at a customer’s premise.

Offsite: Services delivered off-premise but domestically.

Offshore: Services delivered overseas.

Onshore/Offshore Hybrid: Services delivery managed domestically but augmented with offshore resources.

Blended RPO or Total Workforce Solution: An outsourced service combining temporary, contractor, and permanent hiring within a single integrated process

MSP – Managed Services Provider: The management of sourcing, engagement, and patrolling of temporary resources by a third party vendor.

Neutral Vendor: A MSP that provides its various suppliers and vendors with an equal opportunity to introduce candidates to a client.

Master Vendor: A MSP where the provider and its owned companies have the first opportunity to recommend candidates to a client.

Hybrid: A MSP that combines elements of a Neutral Vendor and a Master Vendor

ATS – Applicant Tracking System: Software technology to track applicants through a permeant placement recruiting process

VMS – Vendor Management System: Software technology used to administer the temporary workforce’s engagement process, including sourcing, onboarding, time-sheets, and patrolling.

CRM – Customer Relationship Management: Software technology is used to manage communication with many prospects and customers.

SaaS – Software as a Service: Software technology that provides a web-based/cloud-based licensing and delivery model.

CMO – Contractor Management Office: The third party provides payroll and administration of a temporary workforce.

SOW – Statement of Work: A document attached to a Master Services Agreement that outlines the scope of work.

Scope of Work: A specified piece of work rather than time worked.

T&M – Time and Materials: Where compensation is made for time based on an hourly rate.