College recruiting enables you to develop relationships with young talent that can have a lasting impact on your staffing needs and your firm’s growth. But to be successful, it requires more than simply attending a job fair at your local college. Social media outreach will help establish relationships within the college environment, and because college recruiting is time sensitive, understanding the academic calendar and using it to benefit your timeline is key.

Recent graduates offer a mix of benefits—such as bringing the latest insights from academia, the potential to groom the candidate to your organization’s culture, and the opportunity to infuse fresh perspectives into your business. Whether you hire recent graduates as part of a rotational career path or as internships that may lead to permanent positions with your firm, young talent is a fresh pipeline of staffing resources that may be right for your team.

To start, successful college recruiting begins with identifying targeted universities and their top students. The next step is to establish relationships with those top schools in your industry, gaining the interest of their career staff and relevant faculty, as well as reaching out to tier-one students. College recruiting is as much about getting the most-desired students to respond to your opportunity as it is about screening out those who do not meet profile requirements.

Prequalification screens and scheduling follow up interviews can be time-consuming when hundreds of applicants are involved, which is why clients interested in college recruiting have turned to JCSI for consultative guidance, success measurement, and managing the process as needed. If you would like more information about how JCSI can help with college recruiting, contact us at