As a hiring manager, you evaluate applicants on many levels including stability, but today’s workforce does not share the same longevity gene as their predecessors. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, age is a key factor in employee tenure. For employees between the ages of 25-34 years old, the median average tenure with a company is less than three years while for workers 55 years or older, the average tenure triples to more than 10 years.

Industry also plays a significant factor in tenure: workers in engineering, education, and professional roles have the highest median tenure while workers in the services industries, particularly food preparation, have the lowest. Along with industry, career level also impacts tenure. Inexperienced workers hop more frequently as they refine career goals and take roles that offer learning, growth, and advancement opportunities while those in senior positions are expected to commit to an organization for longer stretches of time.

At JCSI, we help you navigate these factors to set reasonable expectations and determine how to assess your candidate’s job stability within the context of your role and industry. For instance, we suggest asking candidates to explain their career trajectory and the reasons/motivations behind each job change. This type of behavioral questioning provides insight into a person’s choices and values, as well as putting each job change into perspective.

Training time is another factor to consider.  When you understand the training and ramp-up period for each role, it helps assess if the candidate has stayed anywhere long enough to make an impact on your team.

Finally, like most aspects of assessing humans, there are multiple factors at play. Job movement must be considered and addressed, not necessarily for dismissing a candidate outright, but for further investigation. JCSI consultative recruiting services can help your team compare and put in perspective candidate factors such as tenure, so you make the best hiring decisions for your team. Contact us to learn more at