A Guide to On-Demand Corporate Staffing

Corporate staffing has undergone a shift as more companies are thinking creatively about how to staff their operations. Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), temporary hiring, and even contract team members are all common recruitment processes. These are ways for the modern work environment to remain efficient. All without the expense of hiring and on-boarding a continuous parade of full-time employees.

Determining the best staffing solutions requires partnering with an expert. JCSI understands the nuances of corporate staffing and the wide array of options companies have at their disposal.

What Is Contract Staffing?

Contract staffing is the process of hiring recruits on a 1099 contract. This means that their role within the company is extended through the life of the contract instead of forever. RPO recruitment allows companies to engage with qualified candidates that will meet predetermined metrics.

Why Is It Growing In Popularity?

One of the reasons that contract staffing has become so popular is because it maximizes efficiency. Hiring and onboarding full-time staff members can be an expensive and laborious endeavor.

By circumventing this process with 1099 hires, companies have more control over staffing ratios. They never have more people than they need at any given time.

RPO packages are an enhanced version of traditional staffing measures. They allow companies to engage in talent acquisition on an ongoing basis as demand and company need fluctuates.

The numbers speak for themselves. Research indicates that the fill rate of RPO services is 14% higher than the rate provided by contract agencies. The reason is simple. RPO services allow cost-efficient staffing approaches without the hassle and expense of onboarding multiple hires that may not work out.

An RPO Solution For You

A service provider that specializes in RPO solution is a proactive and eager partner. This focus helps companies scale their staff needs according to changing circumstances. Traditional staffing agencies are reactive, offering solutions based on contingencies, but aren’t a pinpoint for your area.

JCSI specializes in RPO solutions to fit the needs of any company across a spectrum of industry types. These solutions range from the provision of hourly workers up the corporate ladder to executive search. RPO packages include everything from networking on behalf of the company to managing job postings.

Moreover, JCSI works with each client to determine business strategy, financial goals, and company values. This allows them to put forth the best possible candidates to meet staffing needs. JCSI will view all jobs and once a company determines a potential fit, JCSI steps in to engage in high-level screening that reinforces the decision.

With its proven process, JCSI RPO solutions make staffing easier than ever, which reinforces a healthy corporate culture and bottom line.

For more information on how contract staffing can help your business, visit RPO Services | JCSI BestExec Recruiting