A 7 Step Recruitment Process That You Can Use

Let’s get right to it! Here are a sequential set of steps for a best-in-class recruitment process.

  1. Define the role that you wish to hire for. Determine the vital hard skills needed for success in the role. Make sure all constituents participate in this process.
  2. Create a job description that matches your employer brand and clearly explains “what is in it for the candidate.”
  3. Choose the right approach for each role (outbound recruiting and/or recruitment marketing) and the correct sourcing channels and/or markets for the job description.
  4. Leverage talent acquisition leadership and best practices to identify and attract these jobs’ best talent.
  5. Evaluate candidates through well-defined screens and a clearly articulated hiring process. We recommend a multi-step interview process that culminates with two final rounds of interviews.
  6. Optimize for speed of the process and make it lean and decentralized. Remove any unnecessary steps or interviews and encourage feedback from hiring constituents within 24-48 hours.
  7.  Select the best candidate and professionally deliver the offer. The offer should match the pre-closing steps that have been done with the candidate all along the way.