8 Functions Primed for Recruitment Automation

Recruiting is all about the human touch. So at first blush, using automation technology can seem counter-productive. Recruitment automation designed right will keep the human touch while enabling hiring teams to work smarter.

Recruitment Automation

Recruitment automation includes technologies for many different types of recruitment functions. One commonality is the necessity for these available technologies to be integrated into an applicant tracking system to get the most value out of the solution within a hiring process.

Let’s take a look at the core recruitment functions that can be automated (to a degree).

  1. Candidate Sourcing. Sourcing is a prime candidate for automation. Using solutions such as Arya and Entelo to automate the building of slates of candidates that fit a job specification. 
  2. Candidate Nurturing. Automating email communications to candidates in an applicant tracking system can keep candidates warm until the next job that fits their spec comes available.
  3.  Social Recruiting. Automating social media marketing can help organizations reach passive candidates where they hang out. 
  4. Job postings. Many ATS’s now offer the ability to syndicate jobs to the many paid and free job boards. Some programmatic vendors currently provide an algorithmic way to manage job postings and allocate job budgets/spend across jobs. 
  5. Pre-screening of candidates. Asking binary questions and scoring them can be done now via text message or chatbots. Video and phone interviews that are asynchronous as well as automatically AI-evaluated is now also possible.
  6. Skills testing. There are now many tools that help recruiters better evaluate candidates’ skills, such as Codility, Skills Survey, etc. These tools ask candidates questions from fundamental forms to gamified applications.
  7. Interview scheduling. Automating scheduling so that candidates can set up times to speak at their leisure is now more persuasive courtesy of Calendly, Scheduleonce, etc. These tools streamline the process by automating scheduling, along with sending confirmations and follow-up communications.
  8. Background checking. Once a candidate is selected, the candidate’s background check is automated with a click of a button that handles background checks, government checks, reference checks, and educational qualifications.

Enhancing recruitment processes with automation can better the experience for all parties involved in hiring. JCSI has many of these functions embedded in our hiring solution.