7 Questions to Ask to Help You Choose Between In-housing and Outsourcing Your Recruiting

In this article, we’ll talk about the situations where it makes the most sense to stay in-house or to outsource your recruitment function.

Attracting, scouting, and hunting the best talent for your jobs is a full-time job! Often times it is many full-time jobs. These jobs can be dedicated to full-time hires or outsourced resources. Many times these resources work together in tandem, but certain situations require one or the other.

We have come up with 7 questions to help you choose between keeping your recruitment in-house or outsourcing for help

  • Are your hiring managers overloaded with new hire needs? Is a qualified candidate flow for business-critical roles not being met? 
  • What is your hiring plan over the next year? Does it include multiple hires? Is the talent pool for these roles large or small? 
  • Do you need to save money that is being paid on external solutions?
  • Is your external team not delivering results? What about your internal team? Is it a general problem, or are your teams not working on roles best suited to their backgrounds and approaches?
  • Have you created an employer brand? Are you trying to? 
  • Do you have the right systems and processes in place to support internal efforts? What about external efforts? 
  • Have you tried and tested different sourcing channels? Are they working? Or are your hiring managers unable to field interviews with the qualified candidates that are applying?

These questions start to measure the data and figure out what is working and what is not. At this point, you can decide on what you need to develop a talent acquisition function, whether that be hiring an in-house recruiter, contracting with more agencies, employing a programmatic recruitment marketing vendor, or engaging an RPO provider. 

JCSI specializes in working closely with HR and hiring teams on roles that they cannot support. Whereas other RPO recruitment vendors lift-out the full recruitment function, JCSI only provides hiring support where it is needed.